Génération BABY POP

Diploma Project


La jeunesse n'a plus d'âge
Projet de diplôme
Tutor : Michel Bouvet et Pauline Jankowiak

Baby pop is an expedition
a testimony to youth
It is a voyage of memory
that crosses over elements, borders
with tenderness, poetry, and incongruity
Baby Pop cultivates art and drollery
Baby Pop tells of the youth that overtook the world
politically and rebelliously
Nothing stays put
Baby Pop is language, emotion, color, and form
Baby Pop follows the thread of youth
it circles the stages of life
through a labyrinth of images, yesterday and today
Baby Pop is filled with sound and fury
Baby Pop is a statement of time
Independence, visual narratives, fantasy : tangible and fleeting.

Le livre Génération Baby Pop contient 230 pages, et mesure 45 x 33 cm.